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November 2009 Animals as Promotional Products
Chinese New Year
HK, China & S’pore Holidays 2010
Football Clock promo

October 2009
South Africa Board Game Bendy Clock
4 in 1 Cup Holder product development China Bag Factory website
Nestle in-pack promotion
GWP promos in Singapore Duty Free
GWP promos in HK Duty Free
HK office closed Oct. 1st

September 2009
On-pack with purchase of soft drinks
In Store Beer-in-Box Promotion
Canton Fair Sections
Fetch card game design
Chinese Golden week – Factories Closing.
Hardware Show, Shanghai
Launch of Beer Promos
Hong Kong Office closed early
Heineken purchase with purchase promo
Sa Sa eco-friendly shopping bag (purchase with purchase promotion)
Mega Show Part 1

Curb Machines
January 2009

Coolzee stubby holder for drinks  

July 2008
Lost bag, an online bag return system for lost bags
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