Bottle Necker
On pack promotions for drinks


What are On Pack Promotions?
These are small advertising or gift items which are attached to the neck of a bottle. 

Bottle Neckers fall into the General Promotional Products category of On-Pack Promos.
How can On Pack Promos help you?
The vast majority of consumers make impulse purchases
This is especially true in certain Homogenous drinks categories like water where the product packaging, pricing and gift mechanism can make all the difference.
Point of Sale On-Pack Promotions will make your product range stand out from the competition.
The ODM Group offers a unique marketing tool to Fast Moving Consumer Group (FMCG) manufacturers who want to boost their brand in the retail. We can help you design your on pack packaging/in pack packaging with the right colour/material/shape to tie in with your product. Do not hesitate to challenge our buying office to give your business the best chances to succeed!
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